Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there system requirements?

There are not strict requirements, except that your graphics card should have a driver that supports OpenGL 3.3 core profile (or better). Most relatively modern laptops and desktops should be able to run XQEMU. XQEMU runs on all major operating systems.

Please be aware that XQEMU has significant performance issues right now that are actively being addressed. Even with the best hardware, the master build runs very poorly. This will be fixed soon.

Q: Is there a GUI?

Yes, please use XQEMU-Manager.

Q: How can I get the [xxx] build?

Developers may have experimental builds including exciting new features or bug fixes in their own repositories. While your testing is welcome, these are considired unofficial, experimental builds. For this reason, we do not link to them directly from the site, to avoid confusion.

Q: What BIOS do I need to use?

Your MCPX and BIOS dump should be for a 1.0 Xbox. It's suggested that your MCPX dump be 1.0 and that a compatible BIOS image be used (users have reported success with "COMPLEX 4627").

Q: Why am I getting "The guest has not initialized the display"?

This is likely due to a mismatch of MCPX and BIOS images.

Q: Is there a game compatibility list?

There is a compatibility list here, but this may not be up to date. We encourage users to test their games and help us discover issues.

Q: Does XQEMU run my game's default.xbe?

No, not directly. XQEMU emulates the hardware of the system, so you'll need to have a disc image of your game backup. You can use extract-xiso or qwix to create an image.

Q: Does XQEMU support "redump" style ISOs?

No, not yet. Please use extract-xiso to repack your ISO.

Q: Why am I getting an "Assertion failed!" message when running XQEMU?

When a game exercises a piece of code in XQEMU that has not yet been implemented or verified, XQEMU will assert which forces execution to stop. The reason for this is that anything happening beyond that point may be unpredictable and significantly increase the debugging burden.